Break Up Spells

Break Up Spells That Work!

Need a break up spell? Read on for a free example ritual and where to go for extra help!

Break Up Spells can:

  • Separate your own relationship quickly and easily – without “drama”.
  • Will separate and prevent a couple from getting back together.
  • Can even “temporarily” break up a couple (give them a “break” from the relationship) too!

Warning: if done incorrectly, it can come back to you – three times as bad!

Be careful when casting spells yourselves.

A lot of Youtubers are going around giving free spells (example the famous ‘break up spells with lemons‘, but what they don’t tell you that it can be dangerous to you.

If you cast a break up spell, it is a “chaos” spell.

Chaos magic uses forces that are powerful, and if misdirected can wreck havoc in your life (not the couple you wanted to separate).

You raise these “energies” and don’t know how to dismiss them properly – so they “linger” in your home – or worse, attach themselves to you.

Its’ more than just lighting candles when casting spells. You are raising “energies” and need to know how to get rid of them once the spell is done.

Break up spells candles

Sample of common break up spells using black candles, oil, scissors.

Instructions for the above break up spell:

  • use a black candle to represent the couple, and if they are human figure candles (male / female shaped – buy it online here),
  • simply make them face away from one another, as if they are arguing and/or walking in separate ways.
  • Add some black pepper in between them and writing their names on a piece of paper with the words “divorce”, “break up” or other.
  • Add break up oil (buy online now) from them too.

But, remember, you are doing chaos magic – unleashing demonic entities and if you do not know what you are doing, STOP!!!

Hire A Witch to Cast Your Spell – For You!

Why do you need a witch, when you can cast a spell yourself?

Let me put it this way, if you had a loose tooth, would you attempt to take it out yourself?

Sure, you can, but you would risk infection or breaking the tooth and exposing the root. Ouch!

Or, you can just go to a dentist and have the tooth extracted for you.

Yes, you can cast a spell yourself – but why if you can go to a witch “doctor”  to do it for you!

If you are over the age of 21, and genuinely want help casting a spell, please fill out the form below. I will contact you within 24 to 72 hours.

I have over 30 years experience dealing with spirits, energies and can properly cast a safe spell for you – that gets results!

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