Love Spells

You can cast love spells to attract many, one specific person you desire, or an unknown “soulmate”.

And I do mean “you” CAN cast it yourself.

But like I mentioned in my “break up spells” page – you need to know what you are doing, and lighting a candle is sometimes “not enough”.

Some people are stubborn. Others have spiritual guides and angelic protection – against spells.

So, you have to “break barriers and obstacles” when casting love spells!

Your will has to be stronger than theirs.

Your magick has to be more powerful than anything someone else may have cast on them.

Light spells may not work at all in some cases! You may need black magic love spells to get desired results.

How To Cast A Black Magic Love Spell

Love spell candle ritual

You will need:

  • 2 candles (red for passionate love, or pink for “romantic, affectionate-type of love),
  • love oil, heat/fire-proof dish,
  • the name of the person desired (picture of them a plus),
  • your name  written down on a piece of paper with a sentence or two containing your spells’ goals,
  • rose petals or dirt from the ground,
  • rope or string to tie the candles together,
  • Optional: if you have hair, nails or a piece of used clothing of the person – even better!

Take the photo, persons’ name and any other personal item of theirs you may have and anoint it with love oil. Place underneath the dish where you will put the candles on top to prevent the papers catching fire.

Anoint both candles – preferably human figure candles to represent you and represent the other person (female-male, female-female, or male-male; love is LOVE – gender is just a human construct!), with love oil.

Note: if you have the persons’ hair, nails or soiled piece of clothing or anything else with their DNA on it – add some love oils on that too and place near their candle.

In between the candles, using either dirt from the ground that person recently stepped on or rose petals, make an “arrow” shape from them to your candle.

Add a few drops of the love oil on the arrow/path.

Take the string or rope and also add a few drops of the love oil.

Optional tip: you can also add some “vaginal” or “seminal” fluids of YOURS (not theirs) to add extra  personalization to the spell.

(Where do you get this ‘fluid’? Hmm… use your imagination!)

Now light the candles and say aloud what you want that person to feel, how to act and what to do.

Move each candle (or just the one of the person you desire to you – optional) closer and closer and once they are touching and “face-to-face”, carefully tie them with the string/rope.

Allow the candles to burn all the way (please practice safety and keep away from pets, small children and other fire hazards!).

When To “Hire” A Love Spell Caster

If you have in the past tried love spells, and haven’t gotten the desired effects, it could be that the target person is stubborn, strong-willed or has magic already cast on them – preventing yours from working.

That’s when its’ time to call in the “big powerful witch”!

Or, perhaps you just want to save time and money and hire someone out the gate to cast a spell for you.

Either way, seeking a professional spell caster is the best way to get desired results – even if you are already a witch!

Why? Well, there is an old saying “physician heal thyself” – meaning, we all need help from time-to-time, even “witch” doctors!

There is nothing to be embarrassed about or ashamed.

A professional witch/spell caster will maintain your privacy and keep everything confidential.

We have seen it all, honey!

Hire “Me” To Cast Your Love Spell

If you are over 21 years of age, and are serious about your love life – discuss with me the possibility of casting a love spell on your behalf.

I have over 30 years experience, and will maintain the strictest confidentiality.

Please fill out the form below, and tell me what you need – and I will let you know cost, estimated time to see results, guarantees etc…

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