New Year 2020

Can you believe it that there are 14 days left in the year?

2020 is around the corner and how you spend these last two weeks in 2019 will influence the rest of your year!


  1. Clean your home thoroughly. Make sure empty boxes, bags, etc… are neatly stored or thrown out.
  2. Use incense that clears out negative energies like sage around the house and on your person.
  3. Use baths to protect, prosper, attract love, etc… – whatever it is you desire for the New Year!
  4. Light candles to your ancestors and ask for their blessings in the upcoming year.
  5. Take care of your current spiritual guides and offer them flowers or whatever it is they like.
  6. Get a Psychic Reading / Tarot Reading to find out what is ahead and be prepared for it (or get rid of it) before the New Year!